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Your Dog On A Raw Food Diet Guide

From: Maggie Rhines Re: How You Can Get Your Dog to Live Longer and Healthier Lives when You Put Them On A Raw Food Diet.

If your dog is still on a commercial food diet, you need to switch your dog immediately. The dangers associated with a commercial dog food diet is overwhelming – from immediate effects like a dull coat and foul smelling dog’s breath, to longer term effects like increasing the risk for canine cancers and a shorter life span.

And that’s the sad truth that the commercial pet food companies don’t want you to know. The amount of processing and additives that go into the preparation of the commercial dog food contain chemicals that are not optimal for your dog and may even make them sickly and die early.

In the past years, several recalls of commercial pet food have been made after they have been found to be substandard, even harmful, to the health of our dogs.

Long before commercial pet food, dogs were thriving on a diet that is free from cooking and other artificial processes. Eating a diet that they are optimally built for will mean that they digest it better and get more energy and nutrients from those types of food.

Unprocessed raw meat, fruits and vegetables contain the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients that dogs need to thrive. These components are not only present in the right proportions, but are also in the form that are easily digestible by their bodies.

Dogs on a raw food diet have very shiny coat without needing special coat care products. They also smells better! No doggie breath. No doggie body odor. Dogs on a raw food diet have a good weight and body figure – neither too fat nor too thin. They are also more active and energetic.

Cooking changes the properties of food. Not only are precious vitamins and minerals lost in cooking, but the cooking of food can cause carcinogens in your dog’s body. That’s why giving your dogs table scraps is not recommended for their daily meals. What’s good for humans is not always well-tolerated by a dog’s body.

With the raw food diet, you can be sure of the quality of food that your dog gets, because you prepare them yourself. You can be certain that the meats and other protein sources you give your dog are not just the by-products (which is what commercial dog food uses) but are the parts that your dog will benefit from the most.

All types of food are prone to contamination. But with a raw food diet, you will be able to control the source of the food and how you will store it, allowing you to lessen the chances of your dog getting sick from the food it gets.

When your dog is getting the best possible food for him to receive all of the nutrients he needs, your dog will be healthier and will be more resistant to diseases and infections. This means you actually save on vet visits, supplements and medicines. They’ll also live longer and be healthy even in old age.

Preparing your dog’s food can be very time consuming, but with the correct system in place, you’ll learn how to buy and prepare raw food in batches, so you don’t need to do it everyday. This…

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