What You Should Know About Chihuahua Breeders

Chihuahua breeders have a variety of dogs to choose among. For instance, there is the Canadian Kennel club Toy, the American Kennel club Toy Group, the United Kennel Club companion breeds, and the U.K.’s kennel club Toy. The Chihuahua was first found in Mexico and Chihuahua breeders have been producing the dog, which weighs between 1 and 6 pounds for decades.

The Chihuahua is the smallest pure bread dog in the world. They are the only natural toy breed in the world as every other toy breed is a hybrid. Chihuahua breeders are proud of the long lineage of the breed.

The Chihuahua can be either smooth coat or longcoat. Canada and the United Kingdom separates these two into separate breeds while the Kennel club in the United States considers them one breed.

While each Chihuahua has its own personality, in general, they are graceful, energetic and fast. They also tend to have “terrier like” qualities such as being alert, observant and keen.

The Chihuahua often stands up to dogs much bigger than itself. He or she is also very protective of their family. He is a good watch dog because he is fierce and very loyal, but does not make an effective guard dog because of his small size.

Some Chihuahua breeders breed extra small dogs. These are known as “Teacup” “Toy” or “Pocket” Chihuahuas. Celebrity women are often seen carrying the dog around in their purses or bags. These extra small dogs are often the runt of the litter. They are smaller and more fragile than larger Chihuahuas. They also generally have more health issues.

Chihuahua breeders, in general, consider it unethical to breed Chihuahua dogs specifically for a small size because of their fragility.

Apart from the Toy dogs, Chihuahuas tend to be long lived dogs. Some common genetic problems include Patellar Luxuation, eye problems, hypoglycemia, heart disease and tooth and gum ailments.

When stressed or excited, a Chihuahua tends to shake or tremble.

Chihuahua breeders need to be ethical. If you are going to buy a Chihuahua, make sure the puppy’s parents have all of the health clearances.

Chihuahuas can be trained through “ticker training” which is much more humane than other forms of training. You click the clicker and give the dog a treat initially. This installs in the dog’s mind that when you click, he gets a treat. Once he knows the click means a treat, you can begin teaching him specific behaviors based on the click. Keep the initial training sessions short , 5 to 10 minutes , so that you don’t tire out your dog.

Clicker training can be used to promote every day good behavior such as sitting or more complicated behaviors such as turning around in circles.

Ask your Chihuahua breeders whether your dog is in good health and is able to be trained. The Chihuahua is a great dog and Chihuahua trainers can help you pick out the best in the litter.

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