Misconceptions about Neutering

Many pet owners won’t neuter their male dogs. Some transfer their emotions about the procedure onto their dogs, and decide that it’s a cruel and unusual punishment. But most avoid neutering their dogs because they’ve heard one or more of the many misconceptions about neutering….

Dog Training Tips Aggressive Dog Behavior

Learn About Pet Dog Training Tips

you need to see to it that the puppy acknowledges you as the winner of the pack in the beginning you should teach him the common lessons like rest remain come go and also rest

How to Go About Breeding Chihuahuas

Here are some things to know about breeding Chihuahuas before you buy a dog.. Breeding chihuahuas is not just something a professional does “for fun” one time. Instead, they make an investment in good quality stock. They make sure their breeding pairs have good lineages…

What You Should Know About Chihuahua Breeders

Chihuahua breeders have a variety of dogs to choose among. For instance, there is the Canadian Kennel club Toy, the American Kennel club Toy Group, the United Kennel Club companion breeds, and the U.K.’s kennel club Toy. The Chihuahua was first found in Mexico and…