Dog Grooming Ebook And Audio Collection

Grooming your dog can be easy, stress free (for you and your dog) and “not cost the earth”when you know how!

It goes without saying that there is not much that compares to sharing your life with a four-legged bundle of joy. Considering the amount of unconditional love and affection that a puppy or adult dog can give, it is little wonder they are called man’s (or a woman’s) best friend.

Believe it or not, even in this day and age, there are many dog owners asking this very question. They don’t believe that taking the time to groom their dog properly on a regular basis is absolutely necessary, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. After all, your dog cannot stay clean on his or her own. In fact, although they are capable of cleaning themselves to a certain degree, they need more help than many owners often believe. Many dog owners are unaware that grooming enhances their dog’s overall health and it encourages the health of their dog’s skin as well as the coat. Proper and regular dog grooming helps ensure that your dog is mentally and physically in top condition as a result of the attention. Furthermore, it can improve the circulation, boost muscle mass and reduce the possibility of infection. Importantly it can make your dog more comfortable and less irritable and they deserve some comfort don’t they? Also finally, and probably most importantly, it enhances the bond between you and your dog. My name is Sharda Baker and I, like you, am also a dog lover. Most of my life I have been involved with dogs. I have published several dog books and am happy to introduce this new book for you.

No I am not a professional dog groomer but a dedicated dog owner just like you. I produce several regular online dog newsletters and manage a dog forum. I get to meet a lot of dog owners virtually every day so get to hear all about the issues they deal with. Dog grooming and managing skin conditions is one of the BIG ISSUES many dog owners deal with. After receiving and answering hundreds of emails about dog grooming we decided to get some help from the experts and get a dog grooming resource published that would be helpful to any dog owner or dog groomer.

First, we gathered as much information on dog grooming we could find in books and online. I interviewed several professional dog groomer’s and spent several months with a dog groomer friend (asking every question I could think of) and watching her in action. I must have seen well over a hundred dogs groomed over that time. Once I started writing, I realized I had actually picked up a lot over the years myself as well because I do much of my own grooming.

Also, because many of you use of are looking for a trustworthy and competent professional groomer, we have also addressed how to find a good dog groomer plus included helpful information for professional dog groomers.

How nice would it be to know how to quickly and easily groom all or some of your dog yourself? Or at least to know how to keep your dog’s skin healthy, with a shiny coat free of matting and tangles? Imagine your dog with…

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