How to Train Your Dog Fast To Play Ball

Dogs And What A lifestyle

A dog is a man’s best friend For some a dog, these two notions might seem too far apart to present any similarities. But still, more than we know, dogs as an object of our love or repulsion, affect our lifestyle. Each and every one…

Maintain Your Dog Health And Wellbeing

your dog is an active rather the most active member of your family and needs the same if not more attention to health and nutrition as you do to stay healthy and live longer

Is your dog too stuck on you?

Being alone can be really frightening, especially when you are a kid. A natural reaction of a child when left alone is to cry. We have all gone through this when we were young, We were always glued to our parents, especially to our moms….

Miniature Chihuahuas ? The Smallest of the Small Dogs

Miniature Chihuahuas are bread from the runts of the litters of larger Chihuahuas. They often weigh 1 to 2 pounds. The dogs have become popular with female celebrities who carry them around in their purses or bags. Here are some things you should know about…

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Many dogs, even adult dogs, howl and cry when their owners leave them at home. No dog is going to be glad to see you leave, but they shouldn’t howl for an hour, either. Dogs will usually get used to the idea that you can’t…