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Picking out a new dog or puppy can be a big decision, and I’m sure that you want to guarantee that it is a decision that you won’t ever regret. But how can you make absolutely positive that you will pick out the perfect dog that fits into your family and lifestyle flawlessly? It’s simple really… you have to do your research.

Each and every breed of dog has certain traits, characteristics and tendencies that will determine how your new puppy or dog will act. Sure, every dog will have his own unique personality, but there are certain proven traits and tendencies in the genetic make-up of these dogs that they can’t escape. These are proven traits and tendencies that you need to know all about before you bring any new dog into your home.

Just stop and think about it for a moment. You would never buy a new car without doing some research, weighing out the pros and cons, and searching for what best fits your needs and wants, why should a new puppy be any different? With both decisions you want to know exactly what to expect, you want to make the right choice and feel confident in your decision.

Of course I know that there is a lot of difference between a dog and a car, but both decisions will have an affect your life, right? And that’s why you need to take a few minutes and discover the secret to choosing the perfect dog for you and your family.

Hi, my name is Mike Mathews and for the past 3 years I have been the editor and co-developer of the massively popular website For over thirty years I have owned, trained and shown numerous different dog breeds. I have spent hours upon hours working with, researching and studying hundreds of different dog breeds, their traits and their characteristics. There really isn’t anything that I don’t know about the different breeds of dogs and all the little secrets that go along with it. I guess you could say that I’m the go-to-guy for dog breed traits and tendencies.

But now I have finally put all of my knowledge to good use and created a way for you to quickly and easily choose the perfect pet for your lifestyle and needs. I compiled all of my knowledge, research and years of wisdom into a user-friendly e-book that is specially designed to help you make the difficult decision on what type of dog to choose for your family and lifestyle, as well as how to select and prepare for your puppy. There is no other source on the internet like this. You could spend hours upon hours researching, reading and searching for this information, and you still won’t have all the knowledge that this e-book provides. No other website, book or any other information will prepare and educate you on the little-known secrets that go along with choosing the best dog for your family and lifestyle. You need to discover the best method to choose between the many different dog breeds. There are just over 150 different dog breeds listed with the American Kennel Club and that’s not counting the rare breeds and these different breeds all have different characteristics and behaviours. Sure, you could just wing it and choose a dog…

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