Aggressive Behavior

Different types of dog aggressive behavior

Different types of dog aggressive behavior
Different types of Aggressive Dog Behavior

What do you know about dog aggressive behavior? Have you ever experienced the aggressive nature of your pet? Well, dogs are not aggressive by the breed so do not confuse that some dog breeds are having aggressive impression.

The fact is that out of every 8 dogs, 1 dog shows the sign of aggressive behavior. Dog becomes aggressive for many reasons and one of them is anxiety or fear.

Dogs are also like humans, they too have the load of feelings inside their heart that shows aggression or anger at times.  How do we come to know that dog aggressive behavior becomes to aggressive?

Dog aggressive behavior is noticed in excessive barking, chewing, snarling, curling lips and growling. These are known as outward aggressive expression of dogs whereas fear, depression or anger is inward aggressive expressions of dogs.

Read more about dog aggressive behavior signs or behavior in detail:

1: Dog aggressive behavior maternal aggression of dogs: This type of aggression applies for the female dogs. Female dogs usually get aggressive when any other animal or creature tries to touch the whelping area. Female dogs cannot bear if any other living creature touches their whelping area except their puppies. This kind of aggression can prove quite weird.

2: Dog aggressive behavior dominate aggression: There are many dogs that are not comfortable with other people around except their masters. This brings in dominate aggression behavior within them. This type of dog aggressive behavior proves very risky and dangerous. It is better to stay away from such dogs when their masters are not around.

3: Fear or anxiety aggression: Dogs that experience deep insecurity, nervousness or anxiety are the victims of fear aggression. This makes the dog to growl, snap and ring the bells. Dogs even bark in excessive way under this impression. Such a kind of aggressive behavior should not be overlooked as it can turn out as a big aggressive problem in the near future.

4: Possessive dog aggressive behavior: There are many people who are possessive in nature and dogs too have the same nature in some breeds. Dogs that learn to become possessive usually shouts or barks when someone else touches its toy, food, puppies including its master. Such a behavior should be stopped since its puppyhood or else it might turn as a big trouble later on.

5: Punishment dog aggressive behavior: When we being humans don’t love to get punished for our mistakes then how can we expect that from the dogs? A dog that is usually bitten by their mistakes in punishment or is kept alone shows a deeper sign of aggression.

This is one of the emotional kinds of dog aggressive behavior.

Some other dog aggressive behavior are pain aggression, predatory aggression, redirected aggression, normal dog aggression and territorial aggression. Any type of dogs can get aggressive if not trained properly during their puppyhood and therefore dog training is must for dogs before they learn to turn wild.

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