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How To Get Viral Traffic To Your Website and of course Videos How to get Viral Traffics to Your Website?

Viral traffic is regarded as one of the best kinds of free traffic available. The main reason is because viral traffic can bring you a ton of traffic in a short amount of time. The best part, most of this traffic will be free because it is acquired mostly via word-of-mouth from potential clients.

The only downside is that even though viral traffic does bring in targeted traffic, it does at the same time attract a lot of untargeted traffic as well, which means you should take extra efforts to try and market your products to these untargeted crowds. Here are some base rules to follow to help your website get some viral traffic.

Rule #1: Use the right viral tools.

Over the years, clever marketers have developed countless tools to aid in their efforts to acquire viral traffic. Because of the realization of just how valuable viral traffic is, people become aware of more and more tactics to bring in viral traffic using cleverly designed tools.

To use these tools one must understand your own niche properly and then try their best to use these tools such as YouTube to create a viral video so that the video can spread. If your target niche is those who are in the younger generation, be sure to create your video based on their taste. If the target market is on the elderly, then by all means try to understand them and create videos that they will respond to.

One of the best viral tools in your arsenal is your sense of humor and your creativity. Make good use of it and you might just see your videos go viral effortlessly.

Rule #2: Learn to use YouTube.

There’re two good ways to use YouTube to make your site go viral. The first one is of course using it to make a viral video and put it up so that it can spread. Of course always include some links and annotations in the videos or in the video descriptions to get visitors to actually arrive at your website.

Take extreme care not to include too many links in your videos because that could potentially be too distracting, and it will often piss viewers off. An angry viewer will definitely mean no viral traffic for you.

The second way to use YouTube is to use it as a research tool. Find out what others are watching in your niche area. Take your time and view videos that are viral and can be potentially used to attract visitors to your website. Good videos are special and one of a kind so by watching all the viral videos, you can learn a lot of things from them. When you understand all the elements that makes a video go viral, your chance of creating a viral video also increases.

Rule #3: Use Tell-A-Friend.

The use of tell a friend scripts is very useful when it comes to generating viral traffic. Whenever you have something that your viewer wants, you should put them through a tell-a-friend script first. This way, you get more traffic each time you give away valuable content that people want.

Another good way to use a tell a friend script is to offer a cheaper discount to those who refer a friend and this usually gets you more sales and more leads at the same time. Always be careful to make these kind of offer exclusive so that each time you do it, it will remain fresh and original.

Rule #4: Using social media.

The Facebook sharing is one of the more natural ways to get viral traffic these days. In fact Facebook itself is Viral. So again you can use Facebook to learn about viral post that works just like YouTube, but more importantly, inside Facebook there’s so many way to use it as a Viral Tool.

There are Fan pages, there are normal friends posting, there are Facebook Groups, and there are Facebook Apps. All these can be used to encourage viral traffic to your site. And if that’s not enough Facebook can potentially bring you multiple tiers of viral capability where friends of friends or fans can potentially reach your site. And with all that said, note that you can even start a viral campaign using paid Facebook ads where you can target people via their demographics. It does not get better than that.

Rule #5: Encouraging return visitors.

When you get a lot of return visitors to your website, you are branding and building trust with your site visitors. To achieve this of course you will have to consistently come out with valuable content that is helpful and at the same time entertaining.

When you are able to churn out good contents that people like, naturally people will always come back for more. Remember to always make it easy for people to come back to your website. Use Bookmarks and get your visitors to book mark your website. Or better yet, get your subscribers to opt-in to a list so that you can notify them whenever you have new content for them.

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When people like your site, and that they know the value of your efforts, you can be sure that they will start spreading news about you. That’s when the viral traffic starts. Hence, Always try your best to be the best in your niche, and you will be rewards not only with word of mouth advertising but also brand recognition and loyalty.

Viral Traffic

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