Other Best Facebook Games You Can Play

Aside from the top four popularly known Facebook games such as Farmville Game, Mafia Wars, Word Challenge and Restaurant City, there are yet so many other Facebook games you should discover. Here are just a few examples of those enjoyable games you can find in Facebook which millions and millions of people all over the world have started to play.


This Facebook game is about doing puzzles matched with different color combinations that will surely fascinate you. It is somewhat similar to the addicting Bejeweled game. And the best part of playing this Biotronic game is that you are still able to socialize while playing the game at the same time. And if you would want to really finish the end of the game, you could try checking out some of the forums or discussions online giving out tips and strategies on making out the puzzles.

Although other gamers do not prefer doing it believing they are a form of cheating and therefore something that they should not do. Still, you do not have to worry about having difficulty in playing this Facebook game. Biotronic can assure you playing with trouble-free mouse controls, amazing animations and stunning combos. And what’s more, you will surely have the best time playing this game online.

Mindjolt Games

Mindjolt games is actually like an umbrella game wherein there are other various games with different game titles under it. It includes quite a number of fine games including that of arcade games, puzzles, strategy-formulating games as well as sports-type games that can be played singly or with friends. This Facebook game of Mindjolt includes games such as Bouncing Balls wherein you have to shoot all the balls and not allowing them to reach the bottom. Otherwise, you get the lowest score you can imagine.

There are also the Bricks Breaking game wherein player needs to remove blocks of bricks which belong to the same color group until they have all gone; and the Cube Crash which basically has the same concept of removing the same-colored blocks to win. There is the most-loved Crazy Taxi game of driving as fast as you can while moving out the other cars that come your way. Other games included in the Mindjolt Games are Three Towers Solitaire, Bubble Spinner, Christmas Crunch, Combine and several others. You might want to check them out for a pleasurable and entertaining game in Facebook anytime.

Know-It-All Trivia

If you are seemingly passionate about knowing and giving out trivia questions to your families and friends, then this Facebook game the “Know-It-All Trivia” is just the perfect game for you. Millions of people all over the world regularly come and visit Facebook to play the various social games known to this social networking site and one of which is the “Know-It-All-Trivia” where you may challenge your families and friends to trivia games with questions relevant to music, movies and various TV shows.

The Know-It-All-Trivia game is actually a fast-paced social Facebook game answerable by a multiple choice type of questioning. To play this game, you must immediately choose your answer which will be timed up to 15 seconds. So, make sure that you give it all to this game to win! This game helps you find out just how big your brain size really is.

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