Dog Obedience Lessons

Dog Obedience Lessons – How helpful to mold your dog into an obedient one?

Dog Obedience LessonsDog obedience lessons are necessary for basic dog training and your dog must learn in order to live harmoniously with people and other animals around him. A well-trained dog voluntarily obeys his master whenever asked to perform any task. When you adopt the right attitude and patience along with proper knowledge, teaching your dog obedience training is an easy and simple task. The dog training is not so much time-consuming, but interesting rather. If you have the right approach, commitment, and enough patience, this task can be accomplished in a matter of weeks. The dog obedience lessons set the foundation of the puppy’s acceptable social behavior. Once the dog master the basic commands of the lessons, you and the dog himself experience a happy and stress-free life altogether.

Reward and Punishment formula –Dog Obedience Lessons

Effective dog training lessons emphasize the reward and punishment factor. As soon as your dog responds to your command perfectly, reward him with yummy treats and praiseful expressions. If the dog disobeys you, just ignore him and express a note of disappointment. Dogs crave their master’s approval and pleasing with the dogs delights them. Never commit the ghastly mistake of scolding your dog or beating him physically. It will create fear in the dog and when you try to teach the dog next time, he will not respond to you properly.

Socialize your dog to be obedient –

Dog obedience lessons incline to socialize the dogs as dogs don’t know which behavior is right and which one is wrong until you give them the obedience lessons. If you cannot give your dog basic obedience training, you can find a lot of obedience training classes in the canine world to help you in socializing your dog. The lessons are prepared by the expert vets that turn your dog into a domestic one from a wild canine. Evidently, his socialization becomes easy and possible.

Lesser the distractions better the training –dog obedience lessons

When you train your dog with less or no distractions, the training proves a great success. Dog obedience lessons believe that the diversions like toys, other dogs divert the dog’s attention. Hence you should take your dog to some seclusion or a private area where there are little or no people. Now command your dog with a firm and clear voice like ‘sit down’. This time press his back slightly to guide lower his back. When he succeeds in the attempt, give him a treat or praise the dog. Repeat this many times until he masters it. Once the dog is accustomed to this, your just praiseful words can work as a rewarding factor.

The dog is a social animal which is the reason why he can be molded into an obedient and domestic dog whenever you want him to be. However, the training should be given at the early stage when the dog is younger. Dogs easily learn through association and imitation. The dog obedience lessons skillfully employ his virtues and learning the lessons the dog adapts good behavior, becomes obedient, and gives up his wildness.

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