Home Dog Obedience Training

Home Dog Obedience Training – Transform Your Dog from a Disobedient To an Obedient

Home Dog Obedience Training

Dog is a domestic animal and a real friend to man. In order to make him homely and obedient, home dog obedience training is essential in the first place. Since the pets live with us under one roof with the family, they are also a part of the family and need love, care, affection and protection from your side. As a result they will respond you with an unconditional love and loyalty. Handling your busy schedule, you should spare some time for your lovable dog. Remember dogs are like kids that need a lot of care and attention from the guardians. When the dog feels safe and comfortable in your company, he begins to develop a cordial bond with you and provide loyalty, love, protection and happiness which are rare in this selfish world.

How to Transform the Dog from Disobedient to Obedient –Home Dog Obedience Training

Home dog obedience training changes the dog’s behavior, from a disobedient dog to a follower of commands, from a bothering neighbor dog to a quiet one, from a ‘running’ dog into a staying one that remains still at your command. However, this transformation in your dog is not a one day process. It needs a step-by-step approach with some patience and persistence. First of all, your dog must know his name so that he may respond according to your commands. Once he knows his name, the training becomes easier to carry out. Addressing your dog’s name, you should command him such as ‘come’, ‘stay’, ‘sit’, ‘go’, etc. All this should be started at home, but first of all address him by his name so that he can recognize the name.

Be the Sole Master of Your Dog –

During the home dog obedience training, take the charge of your dog if you want to make him listen only to you. Don’t allow the others to play with your dog. Besides this if you play with him for too many hours, he will begin to bark and growl if you try to take the dog toys away from him. The dog training is a must because, unless you train him, he would hurt the others when you are on the walk with him and he sees the people around. The trained dog will neither bite others without reasons nor does he run away. If you want to give your dog home dog obedience training, respect him and in turn he will respect you by obeying your commands. When you care him and be affectionate towards the dog, he will feel the self importance and be happy to obey you by accepting you as a master.

Home Dog Obedience Training Should Start Early

The home dog obedience training proves more fruitful when you start training the dog when he is a pup. The beginning dog trainers should resort to some professional assistance for higher success. Once you build some knowledge on dog training, training the dog will be a pleasing experience rather than becoming a headache. Remember that the trained dog is safe for the family and the society as well. The professional home dog obedience training program will never let your dog be bored and so you either.

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