Dog Obedience Training – Some Advisory Tips to Make Your Dog Obedient

Dog Obedience TrainingDog is the domestic animal in the house and evidently needs some master to obey, follow, love, rely on and stick to in times of excitement and pain. Hence dog obedience training is necessary to civilize him and make him more homely.

Bear in your mind that dogs don’t like to be followed, but like to follow instead.

Therefore, undertake his responsibility as the leader up on which your dog will be surely glad. In fact, a well-behaved dog is a subject of praise for the owner and the people in contact. There are professional trainers to train the dog, but as the owner, it is better to train him yourself.

This will establish a good rapport between you and your lovable doggy. Don’t forget to vaccinate him before you start giving him the dog obedience training. Here are some advisory tips to make your attempts easier while training your dog.

Dog Obedience Training – Trained Dogs Live Longer

Train your dog when he is younger or a puppy. The reason is puppies are impressionable at this younger age. They follow commands easily and learn fast, which is the key factor for eliminating their bad habits and inculcating discipline in them. Remember that lack of training leads the pup to grow into an aggressive canine. This is harmful to the familial as well as social health. Therefore, as a dog owner you should either train your dog by a professional trainer or by yourself.

Dog Obedience Training Is the Key Factor –

Dog obedience training is helpful in inculcating discipline in your dog. The disciplined dog becomes well-behaved, which enables him adjust and adapt to any situation. Obedience training involves certain commands like ‘stay’, ‘lay’, ‘sit’, ‘come’, etc. Some dogs may pick up the commands in a couple of weeks, while some dogs may take a month or two months’ period to follow the commands. Therefore, be patient while training your dog and understand the fact that your dog is an animal and can’t learn overnight.

Don’t Punish the Dog Physically –

Don’t impose your commands on your dog if he is disobeying you or ignoring your commands. In such case, you should be tactful in the way of dog obedience training. You should reward him with a dog-biscuit for the correct behavior. The dog craves for his master’s attention. So don’t pay attention to him when he misbehaves or commits improper behavior. In this sense, you should observe the timing between this misconduct and your attitude so that your dog would understand and co-relate these things. As far as possible avoid punishing your dog physically whenever he commits mistakes. The undesired acts can be eliminated with merely negligence or showing disappointment.

The dog gets disappointed when he sees his master in disappointment. Once the dog masters certain commands, you may proceed further to give him the agility course of conquering obstacles such as climbing walls, crawling through a tunnel, chasing the intruder, jumping over fences, etc. Remember the dog obedience training is not only training your dog, but also understanding the dog and developing a good rapport with him.

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