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leash training your dogLeash Training Your Dog

What is leash training your dog?

Leash training is a part of overall training of dog. Dogs usually get obedience training from the training schools and institutes available in the city areas but leash training is something that the master has to practice over dog in the parks or gardens. Dog leash training includes various steps and all the steps need to taken properly after researching over the leash training articles online. Videos on YouTube regarding dog leash training can also prove worth for the dog owners.

Leash training your dog: Basic steps

  • The basic step towards dog leash training is to know your dog breed and weight. Dog breed reveals the nature and size of dog. Dog weight, size and nature is responsible for purchase decision of dog leash.
  • Moving further, you need to know about the different dog leashes or leads available in the market. Dog leashes come in different materials and different forms. Dog leashes are available in single, double and splitter kinds. If you are looking for a common dog leash to tie two or three dogs then dog leash splitter is a best option.
  • Dog leashes come in nylon, flat nylon, collar, harnesses, polyester, flexi and soft materials. Using flat nylon and collar can work best for large dog breeds when leash training your dog.
  • Once you have decided the kind of dog leash for your dog then you need to introduce the same to your dog. Let your dog take it as a toy rope or a medal in the initial period for having a friendly introduction. This is the only way to start good and friendly leash training your dog.
  • Now, you have to tie the dog leash around the dog’s neck. Your dog might feel irritating or aggressive while you are tying the same around its neck and hence I advise you to tie it in a very loose form. Loose dog leash in the initial period can work well but slowly you need to tighten it.
  • Now dog leash training actually starts i.e. looking at the adjustment between the dog and the leash. Dog really jumps and gets aggressive during the starting phase after getting attached with a leash. Just like humans, animal too loves freedom. Therefore grab your patience for understanding the situation of your dog with the leash.

After the dog gets settled down, you need to take it for a long walk with the leash tied to it. This is the all you need to do for having a peaceful walk with dog on a slack leash when leash training your dog. Dog may try to pull the owner for showing its grief but you need to tackle it carefully.

Thus, you need to follow all the above steps for Leash Training your pet dog four legged friend. A dog leash training is usually successful but it takes time and a lot of patience from the owner’s sid.

In the event you have definitely pretty much any problems, when leash training your dog fears make sure to put virtually any comment listed below to help other owners when you where leash training your dog.

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