Leash Training Tips

Dog Leash Training Tips – A Safety for Keeping Your Dog Well Behaving

Leash Training Tips
Leash Training Tips

Generally, dogs don’t like being leashed. Hence no wonder if your dog is also refusing to be leashed. However, dog leash training tips is important because it creates less distraction while training your dog and consequently, the training becomes easier both for the dog and the trainer. To make your dog accustomed to leash you should associate the leash with pleasing things. Thus, provide the dog with food when he is leashed on. Besides this you should take him out for a long walk or stroll while leashed. This makes easier to train the dog outdoors, but make sure that there are fewer distractions.

Buy the Proper Leash –

A leashed dog is safety for others as you control the dog and have no fear of biting others. Now you know that dog leash training tips is the necessity; you need to buy a buckle style, light weight, nylon leash for your dog. Avoiding heavy chain collars removes the possibility of neck injuries to your dog.

Leash Training Tips Getting the Dog Used To the Leash

Leash Training Tips once the leash is chosen tie it around the neck of your puppy. Avoid holding the other end when the puppy is relaxing, eating or playing around. Unless you do it, the puppy will be furious with the feeling that he has lost his freedom, and he will feel the leash as something to be afraid of. However, once the puppy has gotten used to the leash he will feel that the leash is a part of his body and allow you to control him by the leash.

Holding the Leash –

Now the dog leash training tips starts with the holding of the leash. As the dog gets accustomed to the leash, you need to follow him around the house for several minutes. While doing this you should not pull the leash or apply pressure on it, especially when the dog is walking silently and obediently. Don’t forget to praise loudly the dog and give him some treat to reinforce the proper behavior of the dog while leashed on. Avoid the tug of war as soon as the dog is set free from his crate. Unless you do it your doggy will start fighting with the leash. This will be an obstacle in the way of dog leash training tips.

Leash Training Tips Teach the Dog Where You Want Him to Be –

Now the dog has become well familiar with the leash. This is the right time to take him for a long walk. Leash Training Tips during the walk, command your doggy to ‘heel’ or ‘sit’. Initially, your dog will disobey and perhaps start yanking, pulling and biting the leash when you stay rooted to a spot. However, he will be tired of doing these activities and eventually sit beside you. At this time, praise your dog with approving utterances and pat him. It will be even better to give him treats for his good behavior. Repeat this whenever your puppy fights or pulls the leash. Ultimately, your dog will understand your message. This is the ideal way to execute dog leash training tips.

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