Dog Crate Training Tips

Dog Crate Training – Make Your Dog Stay In While You Are Out

dog crate training
Lucky Dog Crate Training

Crate is a resting place for your dog to retreat. Your dog feels safe and comfortable once he gets used to the crate. This can be achieved with the provision of dog crate training.

Crate proves to be an indoor kennel for your dog where he feels secured and having his own den the dog gives up wildness to the extent that many of his undesirable behaviors are eliminated. Confining him to the crate keeps the dog away from the bad behaviors of chewing on improper or dangerous items, getting into chemicals, and messing on the floor.

However, this is not a one day process. With the dog crate training positive relationship and gradual introduction to the crate, your dog feels at ease and familiar with the crate. For better results, it is a good idea to give dog crate training when your dog is a puppy rather than an adult doggy.

Dog Crate Training, a Voluntary Experience –

You are worried about your pup with the thought that he would not enter the crate voluntarily. You are right, to some extent, but to make his experience voluntary and positive you need to place the crate in the living room where you can keep a constant watch or frequent watch on your dog. The other side of this thing is that your dog will never feel forlorn or abandoned. Dog is a social animal and putting him in seclusion is like giving him punishment. For the successful dog crate training, you should fill the crate with some yummy treats and rest on the couch by grabbing the remote. You will observe that your dog naturally goes inside and explores the crate without forcing. You can hang around while your dog is in the crate and do your own work peacefully.

Dog Crate Training the Next Step –

With the provision of food, bowlful water, dog toys and soft bedding, your dog indulges in exploring the crate voluntarily. Initially, the dog will refuse to enter the crate, but the given incentives will entice him into entering the crate. At this juncture, command the dog by pointing to the crate and uttering the words such as “kennel”, “crate” or “inside”. Thus commence your dog crate training in this manner. Once your dog enters the crate, you can close the door for a certain period of time. However, don’t be out of sight of your dog in the initial phase. Try to read a book, watch a movie or sit with your dog. Give him the feeling that you are nearby, and you do not neglect him by closing the door. After certain period of time dog crate training will pay big results, then you should open the door and set your dog free for the time being.

Thus put your dog inside the crate for 5-10 minutes and hang around so that the dog can see you. Gradually increase the time when the dog is resting in the crate, but this time leave the room for certain period. This is the commencement of successful dog crate training.

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