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There’s no shortage of dog trainers, each one saying something different – all claiming that theirs is simple, fast, and easy. And since it’s so important to start your dog off on the right paw, I want to ask you an important question:

Well, in addition to having all the qualifications and experience you should expect, here’s a little something that makes me different from the other trainers…

Some of the feature films I’ve worked on include: Saved! and Sam’s Lake; TV shows: Romeo, Behind the Camera: Charlie’s Angels, and Cougar Crossings; and commercials, including: The Source.

This is the dream job that every professional dog trainer wants but is so hard to accomplish. You really have to know your stuff. And, you need to show results FAST.

And that’s what makes the proven training “secrets” you will enjoy from these 7 lessons so successful. Let me explain.

In the entertainment business, time is MONEY… and the puppies and dogs need to be trained FAST. Each dog must perform exactly as required by the director – PERFECTLY, every time, over and over until the director yells, “CUT!”

I use a reliable and effective training method to train dogs to perform in TV commercials and movies… quite unlike the techniques usually taught in dog training courses offered to the general public through mass-produced videos, DVD’s and eBooks.

With my program, you’ll train your puppy or dog the same way I do. You’ll hear my voice and see the correct training postures and voice commands so that you can teach your dog like a pro.

You’ll receive 7 complete lessons with all the information you need. My training is proven and easy. You don’t need to print out an annoying ebook or read through hundreds of boring pages. With my program there’s no useless “filler.”

Friends, you are just not going to believe how simple, fast and easy it is to train your puppy or dog using the same dog training methods the pros in the entertainment industry use.

You’ll get everything you need to know about puppy and dog training in 7 quick, no-nonsense, get-to-the-point-fast lessons.

It’s like I am right there with you. With this learning method, I almost am! You can watch the lessons again and again on any computer. I’m so confident that this is the very best dog training program available that I am giving you a free lesson to prove it to yourself – no leash attached. If you haven’t already seen it, watch your free lesson NOW!

If you’ve watched the sample lesson and are ready to get started immediately to start training your dog like a pro, you can order now. And if you order by midnight, Monday 20th February 2012 I’m going to give you 8 Bonuses just to make sure you get loads of EXTRA VALUE over any other puppy and dog training program out there.

You may have a dog problem at this moment and need results RIGHT AWAY. You can have total confidence that you will quickly master my proven techniques. Your dog will LOVE this training method… and you will too! If you would like to learn more about me and how these very special lessons were developed, you can read my interview here.

With each lesson, you’ll SEE and HEAR me explain exactly what to do. You may be wondering why I…

Dog Training Online

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