Dog Crate Training

What is Dog Crate Training?

Dog Crate Training My DogDog crates act as a most important tool for the masters while visiting friends, going out on a picnic, going out for shopping, travelling outside, travelling in a car or two wheeler, going out with kids or teens or going out alone leaving dog inside the house. Time has changed but the need for dog crates has not. Earlier people used to buy or prepare wire dog crates but with changing time the dog crates started introducing in different styles and colors.

At present, dog crates are found in soft sided material, plastic material, metal and wooden material, Dog crates come in different sizes like small, medium, large and extra large. As per the dog breed, dog crates are selected. Dog crate training is must for dogs that are kept in crates by their masters. Dog crate training is useful and very beneficial for both the dogs and their masters.

What is dog crate training?

Before moving further, it is must to know about the dog crate training and partnership with your dog. Dog training is explained in very technical languages in the article but I am here to make it simple and local for my readers.

Dog crate or dog training includes the training of a dog inside the house. House training is also known as crate training when we are talking about pets like dogs, puppies, kittens or cats. When dogs get chance to rest elsewhere they find it hard to trust their sleeping quarters or crates. Dog crate Is meant for dogs to minimize its mistake while you are really out of the house. Dogs that learn to live and rest inside the crates ultimately learn obedience by minimizing your stress level whenever you lock your home trusting your pet dog.

Here are some basic steps to dog crate training:

First introduce your pet dog to the crate that you have selected. Dogs love good things especially crates that look attractive so buy a nice colorful attractive soft crate for your dog.

Secondly, you need to make your dog know that this crate is for it. Dogs are quite smart and hence you need to tackle the things accordingly. Start treating him around the crates for making it known with the crate. Slowly try to treat him inside the crate and let it have a habit of having his treats only inside the crate. Regularly feeding your dog inside the crate will help the dog to understand that the meal area or its dining area is obviously the crate.

Now, when your dog learns to take meal inside the crate- you must move one step ahead. Just start making him sit inside the crate for longer time periods. Slowly make your dog sleep inside the crate during the night time and let it understand his second home.

Loving your dog when dog crate training

Dog may feel separated in the initial period when dog crate training but help your dog to behave normally giving more love and care.

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