Dog Behavior Training – Command your puppy easily

Dog Behavior Training – Command your puppy easily
This way for dog behavior training

Dog has been the best friend to humans since the Stone Age. Humans used to civilize dogs even when they were wild savages. Now in this civilized society of humans as the dog is the inseparable part of human society, dog behavior training is essential for your lovable puppy.

What’s required is ‘patience’, ‘persistence’ and ‘pursuing some technique’ in the way of training your dog. Behaviorists and educationists suggest different methods of teaching. However, training the dog is training an animal not a human child.

Nevertheless, there is commonness in humans and dogs, which has enabled the dogs to be the fast learners or followers of humans. Here are some inspiring tips to train your untrained dog.

Reward Your Puppy –

Behaviorists are unanimous regarding the law of behavior that “Rewarded actions are repeated, while punished actions are eliminated!” Hence, your dog behavior training should start with rewarding your puppy for just or righteous actions. This works best at the time of toilet training. The remarks of encouraging words and patting are sufficient indications for your dog that the master is pleased with him. This encourages him in repeating the same actions every now and then.

Correct the Dog Behavior Training –

Besides this the law of “Punished actions are eliminated” does not mean that you should beat your dog severely or impulsively. Here, the punishment is expected in the form of ‘prohibition of something’ or ‘refraining your dog from something’. You can prohibit your dog from getting food for his unjust or unwanted behavior, for the time being. In this sense, the dog behavior training focuses on correcting the behavior of your dog. As an animal your dog has some natural and basic instincts that should be ‘shifted’ instead of ‘restricted’. The dog is subjected to bite and mouth the things around him. You should give him something like a dog toy to bite or chew so that his basic instincts are shifted to the appropriate alternatives.

Dog Behavior Training Take Some Time and Give Some Time to the Dog –

You should not expect too much from your dog to train him in overnight. After all, your dog is an animal and needs some time to master the commands. Therefore, go slowly but steadily while performing the dog behavior training. Your dog is like a brand new gadget, and you also need to have some time to understand the ‘features’. It means you need to be well acquainted with the habits of your puppy so that it may be helpful while training him properly and in favor of the dog. In other words, you should keep in your mind that your dog needs certain time to get trained, and in turn you also require some time to train him.

In a nutshell with dog behavior training, you should be a patient trainer and follow certain behavior techniques to command your dog. The puppy should not be overpowered in the way of dog behavior training. For you also the training should be an easygoing and interesting process, but not a headache or painstaking task.

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