To People Who Want To Create Videos Online But Can’t Get Started

Make Pro Videos For Your Business. No Software Or Skills Required. Creative Freedom.

Very Affordable. Easy To Use. Fast Processing. 3d Animated Text. Studio-Quality Video. Types: Youtube Intros, 3d Slideshows, Professional Ads, Promo Videos.

The Vast Majority Of Our Templates Allow You To Enter Custom Text Into A Few Fields And See That Text Render Out Beautifully In Your Finished Video. All Subscription Levels Customize Images.

Upload Your Own Images And See Them Inserted Seamlessly Into Your Finished Video. Personal, Expert, Professional, And Enterprise Subscription Levels Hd Download.

All Of Our Templates Include The Ability To Render The Final Footage In Stunning, High Definition. Perfect For The Web Or Even Broadcast Television.

Depending On Where You Live, It Might Even Be Better Fidelity Than Your Local News. Personal, Expert, Professional, And Enterprise Subscription Levels Upload Your Audio.

If You’ve Got Audio You’d Like To Use, Just Upload Your Audio As .MP3 And Use It In Your Flix-Press Membership Project. Personal, Expert, Professional, And Enterprise Subscription Levels Video Previews.

No Need To Wonder What Your Video Will Look Like. Render A Free Watermarked Preview And See If That’s What You Like. Send It To Your Boss, Or Your Client For Approval.

All Of Your Customization Data Remains With The Preview, So You Can Correct And Tweak Data Before The Final Render.

Use Your Previews As “Templates” If The Same Video Needs To Be Duplicated With Variable Data.

All Subscription Levels. There Is A Multi-Layout Templates Upgrade. Once You Realize Just How Cool This Online Video Creator Works For You. And Your Online Video Business. Stay Tuned There Is A Demo Video Coming Next

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