Technology and Time Management

Hi. This short presentation is a little thing that I thought about when it comes to how technology can affect time management. For any task that you’re doing, there is a certain amount of work that you have to do and you do that work, of course, in a given amount of time. Probably, given the way that you’re used to doing things, the amount of work per time is pretty much constant, right? We’ve always been doing the same thing.


But then some technological thing comes along and allows us to do something a little bit differently and a little bit more efficiently. What you’ll find is as you become more familiar with technology, although the use of that technology initially makes the task take more work and even more work, at some point you achieve the contempt of the familiar and the amount of work that it takes to do the same task decreases. And so the next question you have is, going forward– Once you’ve achieved this point and you’re able to get the work done in less time, the question then is what will you do with all that extra time that you’ve gained by being more efficient through your use of technology? .

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