How to Train Dogs to Come When Called

How to Train Dogs to Come When Called

Today I will teach you how to train dog to come on your command. So let’s dive in. First, command. Calling your dog to come is a challenging command to do since your animal sometimes associates the word “come here” to other not so fun activities or sometimes punishment. Proper and exclusive use of the word for this command is necessary. Second, response. When your dog responds and comes to you, means he is motivated to learn.

Hi, Mirko here from Healthy Pet Systems.  It is necessary to ensure that the dog feels good when it comes on “come” command. That way it will link the command with positive emotions. Third, reward. The essence of this training is to instill to your dog that when you call him and say “come here”, there is a positive reinforcement that awaits him. The advice of professional trainers is to use the dog’s favourite treat (food) just at the beginning. Later, apply other forms of awards. To find out more, I created a great guide about the dog training.

In it, you will find 5 easiest dogs to train, how to train a dog not to bite, how to potty train a dog, how to train a dog to walk on a leash, how to train a dog to come, and how to become a dog trainer.

how to get a dog to come to you

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