How To Improve Your Luck

You probably know someone that is ALWAYS lucky. That friend who randomly meets interesting people, who stumbled upon an amazing apartment, and who found a dream job while not even looking for it. These things never happen to you! Sounds familiar? So, is it true that some people are luckier in life than others? : 3 Science-Based Secrets To Becoming A Lucky Person | Science of Behavior

Yes. Research shows that some people attract more luck because of their personality, behavior, or mindset.

For instance, some personality traits attract luck. Being extraverted is one of them. When you are more open to human interaction, there is a higher chance of meeting great people.

On the other hand, anxious people are less likely to take advantage of new opportunities. Lucky people create, notice, and act upon the chance opportunities in their lives. By studying these lucky people we can uncover behaviors that attract luck. So, How can you create your own luck? 1) Create your own opportunities It’s pretty simple.

How are you going to create and optimize opportunities when you are sitting at home doing nothing? You have to go out there. This means you have to take some more risks than you are used to. Yes, you have to get out of your comfort zone. Unlucky people tend to love routine.

But How will anything serendipitous happen, when you have planned every minute of your day? Plus, Luck isn’t only about ‘just being lucky.

When you want something, you will have the best chance of getting it when you know your stuff. You can have all the opportunities in the world but without preparation, it’s pretty hard to take advantage of them. 2) Look on the bright side of life Let’s back to the whole ‘putting yourself out there part.

You are probably thinking: ‘When I put myself out there more, I also have a bigger chance of being unlucky. I might meet some jerks. I might get sick from a meal. I might miss my flight!’ True.

And misfortune WILL happen to you. It happens to all of us. But another difference between lucky and unlucky people is that lucky people are more positive. They see the GOOD in the BAD or they notice what could have been worse. They are also more optimistic about the future: they EXPECT good things to happen.

And optimistic people are luckier because believing in a good outcome actually increases the chance of a good outcome.

This is because you are more likely to persevere and you are more resilient when you’re optimistic about something. 3) Listen to your intuition Study shows that around 20% of luckier than unlucky people used their intuition when making financial and career decisions. Around 85% of these lucky people reported really trusting their intuition when it came to personal relationships and career choices. Intuition is important because it is our brain’s ability to recognize patterns without our conscious awareness.

When something doesn’t feel right, unlucky people tend to brush this off more and stick with a rational decisions. These hunches, however, can prevent us from making the wrong choice. If you liked this video, make sure to subscribe for more video’s like this

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