7 Day Puppy Dog Easy Training Guide

My dog used to overpower me, my kids, and any visitors to the house when he was excited – to the point of jumping up and pushing people on their backs to get at their face so he could lick them! It was obvious he meant no harm, but it scared most people. I had no idea what to do, until I found ‘How To Easily Train Your Puppy’. My almost 80 pound pup is still eager and happy, but he no longer jumps up on everyone, and I feel like I’ve really changed how I see and interact with my dog. Thank you so much for showing me there IS a better way! I’m very grateful for this eBook and have shared it with a couple of friends now too. – Henry M., Utah, USA.

It’s like I have a new dog! I can’t believe it. After reading ‘How To Easily Train Your Puppy’, I’ve been able to take my dog outside safely when I never, ever have before. It’s amazing! She would always chase cars, bark at other people or animals, jump up, dig, and completely ignore my commands. I didn’t want to take her out at all, because I was scared she’d get hurt, so we just let her run around in the backyard. I always felt guilty though, because I knew she wanted to play and run around more than that. Then a friend told me about ‘How To Easily Train Your Puppy’, and my world changed. Thank you so much for this book! – Alana Smith, Wisconsin, USA.

Over ten years ago I owned my first dog. I trained and worked with him for months to get him to sit, stand and follow. It took a long time, but it was worth it in the end. Now it’s time for me to get another pup, but I’ve forgotten most of the techniques I used then. Plus, maybe some of the ideas I used, then, are outdated now, so I wanted to check and see if my hunch was correct, I bought and read through ‘How To Easily Train Your Puppy’. I can’t believe how much information has changed over the years, but I’m glad I found this eBook before I added another dog to my life. Now I feel totally prepared to take on this new responsibility, again. Plus, I can refer back to the super easy to use Behavioral Issues section if I have any problems with my new pet. Thanks! – John J. from an email.

Do you know what you’ll need to purchase before bringing your puppy home? You will after reading Chapter Two: Preparing Your Home for a Dog.

Learn exactly how to train your dog to respond to any command, within days. We show you how, right from the moment you bring your new pup home.

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